About AmiWorks

AmiWorks, based in Pune, India, was founded in August 2009 with the aim to build integrated web based solutions.

The founding team consists of PHP developers who are passionate about the web, mobile applications and emerging technologies.

Our team have built social networks, custom CMS systems, ecommerce websites, mobile web applications, and integrated web applications.

What sets us apart

Web is moving forward from browsers to your desktop and mobile phone. We understand the complexity involved in building such applications, and build them so that they work seamlessly across mediums.

Management Team

Amit Kumar SinghAmit Singh
Amit is the founding director of AmiWorks. He provides the vision and direction to the team. A self confessed 'dreamer, coder and blogger', with a simple belief that 'experiments never fails'.
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Savita SoniSavita Soni
Savita is the founding director of AmiWorks and Chief Poet, responsible for executing the company’s vision . She is dreamer by heart, and passionate about the possibilities of web.
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