Experience is the past tense of experiment.

Since we started, we have been experimenting with ideas. Some took tangibale forms, while others never moved beyond idea stage. Here is list of our ideas that took tangible forms

Our Past Experiments


This site was inspired from Digg, and was focused on user submmited content for PHP developers.


It was custom build to satisfy the reading habits of our friends (and Amit) who love to read articles online. It was covered by multiple blogs

Move Your Photos

Simple and easy way to transfer images from facebook.com to picassa, in one click. It got us covered by TechCrunch, and Economics Times.


Simple project management idea, for people who work mostly on browsers, It never went beyond our internal testing.


A simple hashtag aggregator, which allowed you to read hashtaged tweets for events.


It was built to see best way to remotely take bakups and and restoration of CMS based sites like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.We had built the prototype to work with WordPress.